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25 December 2008 @ 12:23 am
->News Report<-  
This Report Covers December 25, 2008 - January 3, 2009.

The outdoor weather, while it doesn't effect the residents, it will be noticeable! Outside, snow has started to pile up, it's cold, and there is the perfect time for sledding. There are some hills outside of the building that kids can go to if they want! This is going to be going on this entire time. And as it gets closer to January 3, it is getting extremely deep. It remains cold as well.

From December 25-January 3 the first floor of Heather Sky is going to look like Christmas Exploded. At 1 PM Christmas Day, the large tree that got put up Christmas Eve will be lit up, and a large star will be put on top. This is all at about the center of it. The Ice Skating rink is open for this period of time as well, and it's open for anyone to celebrate - and is free. Decorations from various religions and cultures will be around, as Heather Sky prefers itself to celebrate things that any and all residents wish to. And it is essentially a celebration of the Season. The Day after Christmas is going to be very busy for the businesses in Heather Sky, as it is their biggest shopping day of the year. At the park on the rooftop, there will be a variety of snowman building contests. And outside, there will be sledding races and snowball fights. Bundle up!