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27 June 2009 @ 11:38 pm
! Heather Sky Update !  
Heather Sky is Now Under New Management.

After almost three months of painfully silent hiatus, Heather Sky is coming back.
In a digging-one's-way-out-of-one's-coffin-and-up-through-six-feet-of-concrete kind of way.
We now have a new mod.
I am LynnyAnne, but you can call me Lyn or Anne, your pick. I am the mun for Adila Kiebrie (fair_rhythm) and Eirny Wesoüth (mininfinite). The previous mod, Katie, turned Heather Sky over to me once I found myself with a. more free time than her and b. a talent for house-keeping.

Nothing really will change from the previous system, if you were around for that. Same application process, same setup, same concept; this time, though, I'm the one you can complain to. Some small things will change, like the fact that the April Fool's Day plot, which hinged on characters that Katie had created, is at this point called off.

Okay. That All?
Yup! Thanks for sticking around, if you're from the 'first generation', and thanks for joining, if you're new. I appreciate it loads!

We can bring this baby back, I promise.